Connect Picosafe via usb to your pc. Your os recognize is as mass storage and network interface.

With picosafe you can work either by browser, ssh or as usb storage disk.

For Admins and professional users

Picosafe is a perfect add on for linux users.

Test picosafe and its complete encrypted debian linux inside.

Internal secure boot

If picosafe is not powered all data are complete encrypted. On power on a secure boot process starts the internal firmware. For the first boot after power up an key is taken from a the crypto processor in Picosafe. A new boot image can be only create from the person who knows this key. Now you are sure that you start the original firmware of the device.

If the first stage is ready picosafe needs a password from you to start the Debian system (for decrypting the filesystem). This is done with open source tools like luks crypt and hardware acceleration.


SSH accounts

As developer or administrator you needs typical many different ssh accounts for daily work. If you don’t like only passwords as security you have to work with keys. The important thing is the private key of you key pair.

With picosafe you create an ssh key inside the crypted environment. The key will never left this secure space. Now you connect you now every time first to your picosafe, and from your picosafe you can work complete free without any fear to lost you keys and paraphrases.

If you lost you picosafe it is no security hole, because nobody instead you can start the picosafe to get the keys.



USB stick – emulate sticks

Everybody know this. You’re at a meeting with a customer. spontaneously wants to give to the customer a few files you. No problem, because you have a USB stick here.

Now you have but a few important and private files on the stick. Often you do not want that the customer sees and knows not to what you get for fours and then the trojan files.

With Picosafe you can simply create a new empty virtual USB stick, or hide complete sticks or free public.


Password safe

Everybody have many accounts. Who can remember all the complicated passwords? In picosafe you can easy manage you acccounts from you ebay account to you pin for you safe. All datas are complete crypted when picosafe is off.






OpenVPN access

Connect to vpn’s over picosafe. The keys will never leave the picosafe. A openvpn client is already installed.

Bitcoins safe

If you are interested in the new currency? Use Picosafe as your wallet.


Web and Linux based applications: Write own applications!

Picosafe is complete open source so you can easy write own applications. Perhaps you need as special login dongle, need a small secure application to communicate or something like that. Picosafe is like an normal dedicated root server with nice feature you can carry it around in you pocket and its complete crypted. Nobody instead of you can start picosafe.