What is picosafe?

The stick is in the moment after connecting a mass storage. You can use it like a typical usb stick. In next step you can put your picosafe into an encrypted stick. Connect you with your browser and start picosafe with a personal password. Now the internal SD card is decrypted and the internal Linux starts.

The stick provides a web gui over a secure http connection. You can also use services such as SSH, PHP, sqlite and so on. Other applications can be installed easy later. With the internal battery you can be plugged the stick from one PC to another without repeat the decryption process. In settings you can define the automatically shutdown time.

Picosafe is a portable embedded linux device

Picosafe combines a small embedded linux device, secure booting and encrypted root filesystem, and lowpower consumption. The code of the bootloader is stored encrypted and only gets decrypted at runtime. Starting from the bootloader a chain of trust is established by validating each software component. The bootloader validates kernel and initramfs, the kernel mounts only an encrypted root lesystem. So only trusted software runs on picosafe.

Picosafe uses a 270 MHz cryptoprocessor with an AES decryption unit, USB 2.0 and random number generator. In addition picosafe provides SD memory card (2 – 64 GB) both for application and data. Whether as a central SSH access token on all server certificates are, or as a VPN access point for the Company or as a mini Applicances for mail, calendar, passwords or your own files picosafe offers the ideal platform. If you lose the stick, no data is lost. All data are from the boot loader to the user data fully encrypted. An ideal companion for administrators, businessmen and security-conscious users.

Picosafe with batteryFeatures of picosafe are:

Picosafe is:


Technical Features:

Software Features:

  • Kernel 3.3
  • Debian 6.0
  • Lighttpd with SSL
  • OpenSSH
  • sqlite

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